Respect Life – Action Oriented


Our Respect Life Ministry

is active:

–Monthly meetings of prayer, guest speakers & activity planning–

–Prayer Vigils and Sidewalk Counseling at Abortion Clinics–

–Coordinate and Support our 40 Days of Life–

–Coordinate and Support our Walk For Life–

–We Support Crisis Pregnancy Centers–

–We Visit the Chronically Ill, Bedridden & the Dying–

–We Advocate for the Support of Respect Life Issues–


God calls each of us to Act on our Beliefs. 

Remember Revelations 3:16, “So, because you are LUKEWARM, and Neither Hot nor Cold, I will Spit you out of My Mouth”. 

Don’t Be Lukewarm when it comes to Abortion,

Join our Ministry and Act on Your Respect Life Beliefs. 

There is one abortion performed every 94 seconds at a Planned Parenthood facility somewhere in the US. 

Time does matter and your efforts do count.  Act Now, Get Involved.  You are Not Alone.

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