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Prayer Vigil and Sidewalk Counseling, Planned Parenthood-Seaside, CA

Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil, Every Friday from 10:00AM - Noon 625 Hilby Ave, Seaside, CA

Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil
Every Friday from 9:30AM – 11:30AM
625 Hilby Ave, Seaside, CA

Join with Respect Life for a respectful, prayer vigil every Friday at the Seaside Planned Parenthood clinic at 625 Hilby Ave. Seaside, CA.  We come together with ALL  People who Respect Life to engage in a peaceful, prayer filled vigil to promote a “Choose Life” vs. Abortion culture.

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Alternatives to Planned Parenthood in Monterey County

You may think to yourself, I support Life but I am not going to Planned Parenthood for an abortion,

so why Shouldn’t I use Planned Parenthood’s other services? 

  • Because Planned Parenthood is the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider who provided 333,946 abortions in 2012 according to their own 2011-2012 Annual Report. (1)
  • This is one Abortion Every 94 seconds. 
  • So by the time you finish reading this article, two more Planned Parenthood Abortions would have taken place and two more unborn children killed at their hand.

So, where can you go to obtain the same non abortion services that you receive at Planned Parenthood?


Here is a list of other providers we recommend who provide care for women and their unborn babies

and many provide these services for free or for a low-cost. 

Please consider taking your business to one of these Life Affirming Providers:

  • Pregnancy Testing:  The following organizations offer free and confidential pregnancy services and include:
    • Free pregnancy test.
    • Ultra-Sound.
    • Personalized Counseling of ALL of your options.
    • Medical Exams.
    • Compassionate Assistance and Support.
    • Post Abortion Counseling.
    • Compassion Pregnancy Center & Clinic: 
      • 640 Cass Street, Monterey, CA, (831) 373-5500
    • Confidence Pregnancy Center
      • 780 E. Romie Lane, Suite C, Salinas, CA, (831) 757-5500
    • 24-Hour Help Line:  (800) 395-HELP
  • PAP/Reproductive Services:  The following Clinics offer Free or Low Cost PAPS and Reproductive care.
    • Women’s Annual Exams
    • Cancer Screening
    • Reproductive Health Counseling
    • Mammogram Referrals
    • Assistance with Family Pact, Medi-Cal and Baby-Cal.
    • Seaside Family Health Center
      • 1150 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, CA, (831) 899-8100
    • Monterey County Health Clinic at Marina
      • 3155 De Forest Road, Marina, CA, (831) 384-1445
  • STD/HIV Test:  You can receive Free STD/HIV testing at ANY Facility that accepts Family Pact or Medi-Cal.
    • Free referrals and Help with Family Pact and Medi-Cal
    • Seaside Family Health Center
      • 1150 Fremont Blvd, Seaside, CA, (831) 899-8100
    • Monterey County Health Clinic at Marina
      • 3155 De Forest Road, Marina, CA, (831) 384-1445
    • Free and Confidential Testing:
      • John XXIII Aids Ministry
        • 1121 Baldwin Street, Salinas, CA (831) 442-3959
  • Low Cost Child & Adult Immunizations:  
    • Seaside Family Health Center: 
      • 1150 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, CA, (831) 899-8100
    • Monterey County Health Clinic at Marina
      • 3155 De Forest Road, Marina, CA, (831) 384-1445

Looking for a Doctor who Supports Life?

  • Dr. Robert Rosett, (831) 751-3505
  • Dr. Stephen Walker, (831) 373-2486
  • Dr. Mary K. Brewster, (831) 649-0111
  • Dr. Richard Alexander, (831) 373-1373

Looking for Facts on Abortion?

Looking for Information on the Impact of Abortion on Women?

Looking for Information on the Link of Abortion to Breast Cancer?


Why Should I care Where I receive these Services?

  • 3,600 abortions are performed everyday in our country which is one abortion every 24 seconds!
  • More American Lives have been killed through abortion than ALL of the Soldiers killed in War throughout the History of Our Nation!

WOMEN DESERVE BETTER THAN ABORTION!!  Many women who have aborted their child will experience life long regrets as a result of this so called “SAFE”, “SIMPLE”, Surgical Procedure”…   Respect Life are here to help women, while the Abortion Industry is there to make a profit hurting women for a Life-Time!

JUST BECAUSE ABORTION IS LEGAL, DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT!  Slavery was once Legal, but terribly wrong.  Dehumanizing citizens based on the color of their skin was an atrocity in our Nation’s History, but now we discount the person-hood of the UNBORN CHILD merely because of its size.


Because of all of these reasons, won’t you please seek your Medical Services elsewhere, rather than support what goes on in a Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility?  By going elsewhere, YOU can send a POWERFUL MESSAGE to the Abortion Industry that WE do NOT Support Killing of Unborn Children!

Please print this article so you can reference our non Abortion Providers of healthcare services for women and help save the lives of unborn children.

(1)  Hat Tip:

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Respect Life – Action Oriented


Our Respect Life Ministry

is active:

–Monthly meetings of prayer, guest speakers & activity planning–

–Prayer Vigils and Sidewalk Counseling at Abortion Clinics–

–Coordinate and Support our 40 Days of Life–

–Coordinate and Support our Walk For Life–

–We Support Crisis Pregnancy Centers–

–We Visit the Chronically Ill, Bedridden & the Dying–

–We Advocate for the Support of Respect Life Issues–


God calls each of us to Act on our Beliefs. 

Remember Revelations 3:16, “So, because you are LUKEWARM, and Neither Hot nor Cold, I will Spit you out of My Mouth”. 

Don’t Be Lukewarm when it comes to Abortion,

Join our Ministry and Act on Your Respect Life Beliefs. 

There is one abortion performed every 94 seconds at a Planned Parenthood facility somewhere in the US. 

Time does matter and your efforts do count.  Act Now, Get Involved.  You are Not Alone.

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